Passing the Baton

I am taken back to my Primary School days when team relay races were part of every athletics meeting. Much practice went into the team of four runners, all practicing the changeover of the baton with great application to ensure smooth changes and completing the race in the best possible time.

My time with Madsen Hockey Academy has run its race! I am ready to “HAND OVER THE BATON!”

It has been such a passionate, happy, full, rewarding and productive journey. The academy has grown in the number of activities that it offers, and the coaching complement has reached 30 plus coaches. For me to follow the progress of players that have been through the academy is extremely gratifying!!

To see how coaches have applied themselves transferring hockey information with such great passion and commitment is a real joy! Many coaches have gone on to fill Provincial and even National coaching positions. I so enjoy hearing how coaches have moved from being at the academy in leadership positions to running their own practice or becoming a Junior partner in the law company that they are working for and realizing that we have played a part in contributing to their business success as well!

Likewise, there are so many players from the academy that have gone on to obtain Provincial and National Schools honours as well as Senior Men’s and Women’s Provincial and National selections. 

Several players have returned to become coaches in the Madsen Hockey Academy family!

I am passing the baton on to JJ and Kelly Reed. As from 1 January 2021 they will become the new owners of Madsen Hockey Academy.

This is an absolute pleasure for me as, not only are they part of my family, they have been very much a huge part of the Madsen Hockey Academy over the years.

JJ and Kelly are both extremely EXCITED to take up the challenge. Just like the change of baton in the athletics team we both envision this change to be as SMOOTH as possible. They also have some very exciting plans for the upcoming season so keep watch via our social media links on all that is on offer. 

I would like to thank every player, coach and parents that have supported the academy over the 27 and a half years that I have been involved. Many solid friendships have been formed and I really value them hugely.

Thank you to the sponsors that have supported us notably Shane Schoenegevel of Gryphon for most of my years in the academy and then in the past three years, Sportbox. We also so appreciate the investment of Spar with the Field Dividers and Giba Gorge with the Inflatable Sports Field for the academy. Byron Faulds of CMH Nissan has also been incredible in initiating their sponsorship towards the annual 5’s Tournament. Thank you all for your generosity and the difference that you have made for the academy.

It remains for me to thank MY FAMILY…… husband Paddy and my sons and their families. You have always believed in me and supported me with sound advice every step of the way! I give God all the glory for His favour in this business and leading me to the new owners and in a new direction.

I am moving into a new passion, that of Sports Psychology. Many years ago, I completed a diploma in Sports Psychology with PMB University. This love has been sparked again after recently completing AN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY COURSE through THINCSMART, headed up by Iain Shippey and Melissa Ardendorff.

I have since been asked to facilitate on the GRIT FOR TEENS COURSE and am FACILITATOR with IAIN on his current 101 Applied Psychology course.

There will be many more opportunities in this field which I look forward to being a part of.

I am sure I will also be able to partner with Madsen Hockey Academy on some interesting Sport Psychology projects!!

I am not leaving the country as yet, so I will definitely see you all at the side of the hockey field someday soon.

Merry Christmas everyone and may 2021 be all that you dream it to be and more.

Yours in Hockey,


I have enjoyed the many highs
I have had some low
I have loved seeing players and coaches grow
I have started with fives
It just continues to thrive
I have made friends for life
They pulled me through the strife
The journey has been sweet
The next will be even sweeter
Its hard to say goodbyes
Till we see each other soon:
Do what you have to do
Until you can do what you
Want to do!