with Head Coach
Micaela Dorfling

This week on Hosting Hockey, Adele chats to Micaela Dorfling. Micaela came through the Madsen Hockey Academy, starting at 8 years old. She played for the Thomas More College 1st team as well as for Thomas More Hockey Club. Micaela started coaching for Madsen Hockey Academy in 2016 as a junior coach, becoming a head coach in 2019. In 2016 and 2017, Micaela also coached the u13 girl’s hockey team at Curro. After matriculating, she went on to study Biokinetics and completed her Masters in Exercise Science. She now works at Prime Human Performance Institute and Gateway Hospital Medical Centre as a biokineticist.

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Adele: Describe your hockey playing career.

Micaela: I started playing hockey from a young age, I played at school and also at kearsney mini and youth hockey which helped me grow a lot and learn more individual skills. I was always more inclined to playing  a variety of sports rather than focus on one sport so I never played hockey extremely competitively but I did play first team at school, Thomas More college, and travelled to the Netherlands for our tour in matric. In my first year out of school I played for Tuks hockey and that helped grow my love for the sport even more. Thereafter, I had a break in playing hockey and focused more on studies, and coaching but I am going to start playing for Kearsney hockey club in 2021.

Adele: What was your most memorable moment in your career to date?

Micaela: Travelling to the Netherlands on tour and experiencing the level of hockey in another country.

Adele: Describe your coaching career and when you started coaching for Madsen Hockey Academy.

Micaela: As soon as I started coaching in my second year out of school, I grew a passion for teaching children. I have coached since 2016,  and loved it more and more as I learnt more about the coaching side of hockey. I started as a junior coach at Madsen hockey, coaching at both Curro school with my own team and then and over the years worked my way up to a Head coach at Kearsney mini hockey.

Adele: In what area of the coaching do you operate in for Madsen Hockey Academy?

Micaela: Kearsney mini hockey head coach and admin organizer with regards to tournaments and organizing the children’s teams.

Adele: What would you say three qualities of a hockey coach are?

Micaela: Passion, enthusiasm, goal-orientated

Adele: Who are your playing and coaching role models?

Micaela: I never really had any specific role models, but I always looked up to the players in the SA teams who always worked so hard to get to where they were.

Adele: Describe something that we don’t know about you.

Micaela: Growing up being active and playing different sports grew my passion for my current career I am in, a Biokineticist, where I get to work with like-minded people on a daily basis, and can help people reach their sporting goals.

Adele: How did you get started in hockey?

Micaela: I started playing hockey when I was trying out all different sports when I was young and I was more moved to playing hockey based on the people it brings together, the social aspect of it, the Friday nights at Kearsney growing up is what got me more into the sport.

Adele: How do you see Madsen Hockey Academy moving in to the “new normal” when we get started again?  

Micaela: I think Madsen will be able to adapt very quickly to the “new normal”. As a team, we have already looked into ways to adapt to the situation. We luckily have a diverse team where there are always solutions to any bumps in the road. We will stick to the rules and regulations, and divide the children according to regulations. We have also kept the children on the go over this time with online work and exciting challenges on our social media.

Adele: How do you stay up to date with the latest coaching trends and ideas?

Micaela: I stay up to date on social media, following overseas accounts where new ideas are put out there and I also do research on new ideas which I think I need to learn more about to keep up to date.