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Matt Madsen

This week on Hosting Hockey, Adele chats to MHA Coach, Matt Madsen. Matt played for the KZN Coastals u18 Team in 2013 and the KZN U21 team in 2014 and 2015. He currently plays for the Kearsney Hockey Club Men’s 1st team as well as the KZN Mynahs Hockey team. In 2017, Matt travelled to the UK to play and coach for Guildford Hockey Club, as well as coaching at Esher College. He has also coached at many schools such as St Marys, Kearsney and Hillcrest Primary.

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Adele: Describe your hockey playing career.

Matt: I have played provincial indoor and outdoor since I finished school in 2013. I play for Kearsney hockey club men’s 1st team and I played for Guildford hockey club men’s 1st team in the UK.

Adele: What was your most memorable moment in your career to date?

Matt: I’ve had a few which have been very memorable, playing in England for Guildford hockey club was definitely one, playing alongside some of my role models in Jarryd Jones and Jethro Eustice for Kearsney hockey club. While I was over in England, I was lucky enough to travel to Croatia to watch the SA indoor women’s series and watch my sister Kelly while I was there. IPT at Randburg, all the KZN teams won medals with the raiders guys and girls both winning gold! The vibe of not just our team but all the KZN teams together was truly amazing!

Adele: Describe your coaching career and when you started coaching for Madsen Hockey Academy.

Matt: I started coaching at MHA in 2014, I have coached at a number of schools including St Mary’s, Kearsney and Hillcrest Primary. I have also coached Esher college 1st team in England as well as for Guildford hockey club.

Adele: In what area of the coaching do you operate in for Madsen Hockey Academy?

Matt: I have been head coach of Kearsney mini under 9s. I also do private coaching.

Adele: What would you say three qualities of a hockey coach are?

Have the ability to listen

Adele: Who are your playing and coaching role models?

Matt: Playing role models are – my club team mates Jarryd Jones and Jethro Eustice and then my sister, Kelly Reed.
Coaching role models are – Jethro Eustice for Kearsney hockey club, Cameron Mackay, Sihle Ntuli and JJ Reed

Adele: Describe something that we don’t know about you.

Matt: I have an Italian passport which has enabled me to play and coach overseas.

Adele: How did you get started in hockey?

Matt: It was always in my family, I was never pressured into playing, I’ve always played because I loved it.

Adele: How do you see Madsen Hockey Academy moving in to the “new normal” when we get started again?

Matt: I think we will see kids technical skills get a lot better as we will not be able to train in game like situations due to the no contact rules. It will be very weird and strange to begin with and we know the kids will be begging for a game.

Adele: How do you stay up to date with the latest coaching trends and ideas?

Matt: I watch a lot of hockey on YouTube, both indoor and outdoor. I really enjoy watching the Dutch league (hoofdklasse) highlights as well as the England hockey league on YouTube. I also follow a couple of different pages on Instagram that can give me new ideas.