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Head Coach, Hannah Shirley

On Hosting Hockey this week, Adele chats to current MHA coach, Hannah Shirley. Hannah played for the KZN Raiders Outdoor Hockey Team in 2019 as well as the KZN U21 Team where she was awarded top goal scorer and selected in the tournament team. She was selected for the SA Schools U16A Hockey Team in 2016 that played in a tri nations series. She currently coaches the U16A indoor and outdoor team at Westville Girls High School. Hannah is also part of the SA Senior Womens Softball Team.

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Adele: Describe your hockey playing career.

Hannah: My career has been one filled with many ups and downs, many wins and many losers, many goals and many different memories.

Adele: What was your most memorable moment in your career to date?

Hannah: I have many memories from hockey but there are 4 memories that will always stay with me. Firstly, making the SA u16 side that played in a tri nations series. Secondly, winning the biggest schoolgirls hockey tournament: St Mary’s Waverly 2018. Then my next one is my u21 IPT performance last year, my team was amazing, and we played some amazing hockey, I finished the tournament and was awarded top goal scorer and made the tournament top 11 team. Lastly, being drafted for the PHL in 2019 was an unreal experience.

Adele: Describe your coaching career and when you started coaching for Madsen Hockey Academy.

Hannah: I started coaching in my grade 11 year in 2017. It’s been a short coaching career, but it is something I enjoy so much. I love giving back to the game that has given me so much. I think this is only the start of my coaching and I look forward to coaching even more people. The time that I have spent coaching has been amazing, I enjoy going to coaching every time and it has taught me a lot about myself as well as the game of hockey.

Adele: In what area of the coaching do you operate in for Madsen Hockey Academy?

Hannah: I have been involved in many aspects within MHA. I have been a part of clinics, Mini hockey clubs (Kearney and Westville), I have umpires at CMH Nissan 5’s tournaments, private trainings as well as academies at St Mary’s.

Adele: What would you say three qualities of a hockey coach are?

Hannah: Patience, knowledge and passion

Adele: Who are your playing and coaching role models?

Hannah: Playing:
Dirkie Chamberlain and Maartje Paumen
Coaching: Kelly Reed and Mike Baker

Adele: Describe something that we don’t know about you.

Hannah: Many people in the hockey community don’t know that I am a South African Softball player on top of being a hockey player.

Adele: How did you get started in hockey?

Hannah: I went to MHA clinics when I was much younger and have always enjoyed their coaching. Because they worked a lot out of saints, I saw them a lot and then they held a coaching clinic once and I joined and then chatted to Adele about wanting to coach under her.

Adele: How do you see Madsen Hockey Academy moving in to the “new normal” when we get started again?  

Hannah: I think groups might be a bit smaller and possibly offering an online training plan however I think that people are going to want to do more because they feel they have missed out don so much in the last few months.

Adele: How do you stay up to date with the latest coaching trends and ideas?

Hannah: I follow hockey pages on Instagram and Facebook and watch YouTube videos.