Keeps it in the Family

Adele speaks to her middle son, Lloyd Madsen, the only Madsen hockey player to have been selected to represent South Africa at an Olympic Games. With 90 caps for the SA men’s team Lloyd has played in 2 World Cups, one Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games in 2012 in London. Known for his defence splitting passes, Lloyd spent 4 years playing for Pinoke under Giles Bonnet in the Dutch Hoofdeklasse International Hockey League. He coached while he was playing at Pinoke, then Consultant to the SA Women’s team, at Investec Camps and Madsen Hockey Academy where it all started. He is currently coaching Repton Ladies Team, Repton U18 Boys and Girls teams and University of Nottingham University Men’s 1st team in the UK.

His Sport’s Motto is “If you want to do better than the rest, you have to do more than the rest!”

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Adele: What team do you play for in the UK and what Men’s team do you coach?

Lloyd: I play for Repton Hockey Club and also coach the 1st team Ladies at Repton. I am the Head Coach at the University of Nottingham.

Adele: How do you balance playing as well as coaching at the same time?

Lloyd: For me the coaching part is more important then the playing part right now. It’s great to be able to still play hockey and stay fit. Playing for Repton has been really enjoyable as we have a great club with a lot of talented players, and it gives me the opportunity to mentor some of the youngsters in the team. My weekends are really busy with playing and coaching but luckily for me Repton have been incredibly accommodating making sure that I can coach the teams I coach as well as play for the men’s team.

Adele: You are also part of a Hockey Coaching Academy called MT 13. Describe how this academy functions.

Lloyd: MT13 is a great coaching company run by former England international player Matt Taylor. They are innovative in their coaching ways and have a really good reputation for providing elite hockey camps for all ages. They really have taken hockey camps to the next level with the coaches they have on board as well as the activities and training drills that they deliver.

Adele: What effect has the Covid 19 virus had on your playing and coaching season to date?

Lloyd: It’s obviously had a big effect on the coaching side of what I do. The University of Nottingham stopped all sport at the beginning of April, and we haven’t been able to do to much at MT13 and at Repton Hockey Club. We have stayed in regular contact with the boys from the University and made sure they still follow their fitness programme and we have regular chats on Zoom to make sure that we are always in communication with each other.

Adele: How have you adapted in this time with the players at the academy?

Lloyd: Luckily for us, as soon as measures were eased a bit, we got straight back into coaching 1 to 1 sessions. There has been a massive demand for these sessions as you can imagine, since most people were stuck at home for a couple of months. Both Repton HC and MT13 have been proactive in ensuring that these sessions take place. We have started to move to bigger group sessions now – up to 5 people per coach, based on the UK government guidelines.

Adele: What effect do you think that the Covid 19 Virus will have on World Hockey?

Lloyd: It will obviously have a massive effect on teams not being able to travel to certain places, based on travel restrictions from certain countries. Hopefully these restrictions won’t last too long and that we can get back to seeing international hockey sooner rather than later.

I feel that a lot more coaching seminars and courses will now be able to go online which will be much easier for more people wanting to complete courses. This will have a positive effect on world hockey, hopefully exposing more people to the beautiful game.

Adele: Since you moved from SA to the UK almost 18 months ago you became involved in sport and in particularly hockey coaching with three or four different positions. How do you manage this with a family of three children under 5 and a half years old and your wife having to look after the children plus manage the home? 

Lloyd: Luckily for me I have an amazing wife who is incredibly supportive of what I do. Sometimes I do not know how she does it all, but she certainly is a Super Mom. It definitely is a lot different in the UK as to what life is like in South Africa in terms of being in the fortunate position of having domestic help in the house. We do everything here ourselves and having 3 kids, it does have its challenges, but my wife Melissa has been incredible with the kids and I, especially these last few months of being in Lockdown.

Family is incredibly important to me and we make sure that during the week we spend quality family time together. I am often busy on weekends but have a free day during the week which is usually spent doing something with Melissa or the kids.

Adele: What/ Who got you in to hockey?

Lloyd: I was obviously born into a very sporty family and loved all sports from an early age. I owe a lot to my mom and dad who have been incredibly supportive of me from my early years all the way through to my international career. My parents had a massive effect on my hockey and provided me with some amazing opportunities, I feel very blessed to have attended two incredible schools in Highbury Preparatory School and Kearsney College, which both laid a great foundation for me to do what I wanted after school.

Adele: You are the only Madsen to attend an Olympic Games of the 9 Madsen players that have played hockey for South Africa. What did this mean to you?

Lloyd: Attending the Olympic Games was obviously a dream come true for me. It was an incredible feeling and one that I will never forget. There were so many important people who were part of my support system which enabled me to fulfill this dream and I therefore owe a lot to my family and extended family who always showed great interest in what I did and were incredibly supportive of me. Coming from such a sports mad family, it was great that someone from the family attended an Olympic Games and the fact that I could not only represent myself, but represent my family was an amazing privilege. My parents and two brothers Wayne and Kyle were instrumental in my success as a hockey player and as mentioned previously, I owe a lot to them.

Adele: What has been your hockey playing career highlight?

Lloyd: Definitely going to the Olympic Games. It was an incredibly proud moment. I got to play with so many hockey mates in the team who all played hockey with or against each other from an early age and we had a memorable time together as a team.

Adele: Who is the finest player that you have played against?

Lloyd: Timme Hoyng – he played over a hundred games for Holland and I was fortunate to play with him at Pinoke Hockey Club in Amsterdam when I played professionally over there. He was brilliant. The way he eased past defenders and performed in games was amazing. He was a genius to play with and I always knew that I could pass him the ball and something good will happen.

Adele: Describe your best international goal that you scored.

Lloyd: I didn’t score many. But my first international goal was definitely one that I will never forget. We played Belgium in a playoff game at the Champions Challenge in Argentina. We were 3-1 down in the game and we managed to get the score back to 3-3. They were awarded a stroke with a few minutes left and our keeper (Brendan Botes) made an incredible save. Then with 16 seconds left on the clock, the ball was given to me on the 25 yard line, and I ran straight into the circle and fired a backhand shot into the bottom right of the goal to win the game and we went absolutely off. I ran to the corner flag and dived on my knees and the whole team joined in. The celebrations were amazing. The reason why I probably didn’t score too many international goals, is that my knees would have packed up very early after celebrating goals.

Adele: Best piece of advice to up and coming players.

Lloyd: If you want to be better than the rest, you have to do more than the rest. There will be times when you don’t feel like training or going to the gym but it’s these days that will make you grow as an athlete and take you to the next level.

Adele: Share an unknown fact about yourself.

Lloyd: I used to play golf off a scratch handicap (before 3 kids and before moving to the UK)

Adele: Tell us something interesting about being on tour with the national team?

Lloyd: Towards the later part of my international career – Tim Drummond, Rassie Pieterse and myself would have a “special drink” the night before a test match. This ensured we were always will hydrated. Tim Drummond would be able to explain what this Mexican drink was…

Adele: You started your coaching career at the Madsen Hockey Academy. How did the academy set you up for the coaching that you are currently doing in the UK? Name some of the coaches that coached alongside you at the academy.   

Lloyd: It was instrumental in giving me the confidence to coach kids and to pass on my knowledge of the game. The sessions were always well planned and it was important for the kids to always stay up to date with new skills and techniques whilst at the same time, have a lot of fun – and this was something that the academy offered. My mom is incredibly passionate about what she does and this certainly rubbed off on me and has enabled me to be in the fortunate position of coaching a high performance team in the UK.

I was fortunate enough to coach with other great players and coaches: Tim Drummond, Sihle Ntuli, Kelly Madsen, Kevan Demartinis and of course Scotty Barton.