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Tim Drummond

This week Adele chats to Tim Drummond. Tim is currently our captain for the South African Men’s Hockey Team having played 145 caps. He has competed in 2 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Gold Coast, 2 World Cups in Den Haag and Bhubaneswar as well as competing in the 2012 London Olympic Games. Tim has played club hockey in a number of countries such as Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and is currently playing for Klein Zwitserland in the Netherlands.

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Adele: Who are you currently playing for in Holland and what results have they achieved this year?

Tim: Klein Zwitserland. 9th on the table.

Adele: What impact did the Covid 19 virus lockdown have on your Dutch league?

Tim: The league was cancelled. We start all over again next season.

Adele: What impact do you think the lockdown and the Covid 19 Virus will have on World Hockey?

Tim: It will affect scheduling on tournaments in a huge way. The calendar year for a professional sportsmen/woman is already incredibly busy so I wonder if this will now compress many more matches into a short space of time.

Adele: How are you linking up with the SA men’s National squad presently?

Tim: We are currently doing Squad Zoom calls every Tuesday evening which are based around Team Culture. We also do team Pilates and core sessions every week.

Adele: How many of the National Men’s team are currently playing overseas? Is it possible for you to get together to practice as a SA players overseas group?

Tim: We have 14 players playing in Europe from Holland, Germany, Belgium and the UK. We do our best to try get together, but it is challenging because we train almost every day with our clubs. We did manage to get together last year for a two-day camp, and it was brilliant!

Adele: What has been your career highlight so far?

Tim: My first game was a moment I will never forget but the London Olympics was definitely a tournament that will remain in my memory bank for a long time.

Adele: What do you feel is your best playing position? 

Tim: My dream position has always been striker, but I have yet to convince every coach I have played under so my second most enjoyable position is in the midfield.

Adele: Who is one of the finest players that you have played against?

Tim: Teun de Nooijer & Andrew Cronje

Adele: What/Who got you in to hockey?

Tim: My folks introduced me to mini hockey at Radloff Park in Somerset West where Rennie Rose-Innes was running clinics. I was hooked since those days.

Adele: Best piece of advice that you can give.

Tim: Always remember why you started playing hockey and never forget that when things might not be going well for you.

Adele: You first made the SA men’s team in 2010. How has the game progressed individually since then and then how has it developed tactically for teams now?

Tim: The game has become incredibly dynamic no matter what position you play on the field. Almost every player is expected to play every position on the pitch. With certain rule changes, the speed of the game has increased a great deal. With an increase of speed in the game it means players continue to improve their levels of fitness to maintain this speed during the games. Tactically teams are becoming innovative with defensive and offensive systems, but all these tactics revert back to a basic foundation which has been around for years.

Adele: What are the main differences in the style of play between the top international teams and the South African men’s hockey currently?

Tim: Each country has varied styles of play hence video analysis of these teams before playing them is so important. You know when you play the Aussies you are playing a team that will high press you for the majority of the game. They will play at an incredibly high tempo. When you play the Germans, you will face different tactics such as man to man marking. All these teams know their own playing systems incredibly well and consistently perform them at an elite level.

Adele: Share an unknown fact about yourself.

Tim: I taught Lloyd Madsen how to slap the ball, but I didn’t teach him how to tackle or complain to the umpires. I have a PPL (Private pilot’s license) and I am trying to complete my CPL (Commercial pilots license)

Adele: You are engaged to Eva de Goede, world player of the year for two consecutive years. Do you “talk hockey” together and give each other personal hockey advice?

Tim: We both try limit the hockey conversations and really enjoy our best to leave any good or bad performances at the pitch.

Adele: You coached at Madsen Hockey Academy. Name some of the coaches that you coached with.  What did you enjoy most about Madsen Hockey Academy and what it offered hockey?

Tim: I was fortunate to attend a few sessions at the Madsen Hockey Academy with Lloyd Madsen, Sihle Ntuli, Rich Pentecost and many other great coaches. I really enjoyed how professional the entire setup was, all the sessions were thoroughly organised, and the players learnt a great deal while always doing the sessions with a smile.